June 17, 2017 / by Melody Jebson / Products / No Comments

2200?!?! Seriously?!?! Not to be cliche, but IS THAT ALL YOU GOT?!?!

luis-bernardo-mercado-dec-8-2016Does anyone here have more than this? This is a new record type, no one has set any such record before, Guinness set the standard by talking to some dealers, apparently. And it sounds very much like the dealers went on speculation. I think they could have contacted some insurance companies asked for the sizes of their largest insured knife collections Viola! Youd have yourself some real record numbers. (Okay, so even such anonymous disclosure might violate insurance regulations, maybe even with the insureds consent I dont know, I do not know insurance regulations.)

But one thing is certain getting this guys collection out there is likely to bring forward some truly much larger collections, so this is a good thing. The largest collections may remain anonymous or unaccounted for, but there will no doubt be some with not just larger collections but larger egos thats when were likely to see some truly record-setting numbers.


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